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Demi’s story

"Demi shines bright like a diamond."

Demi is a stunning Black British child. She is a very attractive child with a light brown complexion, large grey/brown eyes, and dark hair.

She is inquisitive and mischievous. She is a sociable child who plays well with other children. She has a best friend next door, who she sees and plays with every day.

Demi is a healthy young child with no ongoing health issues, who is up to date with all immunisations.

She is a loving and affectionate little girl. She is sociable and interacts well, but she is wary of people that she doesn't know. She enjoys one to one time especially when being read to, or when doing art work.

Demi loves attention, and thrives on being made a fuss of. She loves music and dancing, she is quite an entertainer. Her favourite artist is Rhianna, and her favourite song is 'Shine bright like a Diamond'.

She loves girly things especially nail vanish, jewellery and handbags. The Foster carer explained how she currently likes to choose her own shoes and leggings. Demi loves her child friendly ipad, and has a good concentration span.

There are no behavioural or developmental concerns in respect of Demi and her foster carer says, "Demi is a lovely, very-well behaved and polite little girl".

Demi attends nursery two days a week, and thoroughly enjoys her time there. Demi is a popular and happy child.

She is a good eater, she loves lasagne, pasta, fruit, curry and rice. Demi also enjoys a cup of tea, and a biscuit. Demi's only wish is "to have a daddy to carry her to the swing park".

Demi is a beautiful little girl, who would be a joy for any adoptive family.

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