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Jaden’s story

"Hello my name is Jaden. I am an affectionate and pleasant child who is always smiling and laughing. My foster carer says I am the most pleasant child you will ever meet. I like lots of hugs and kisses and if I get told off I always give my foster carer a hug and a kiss to say sorry."

"When I'm playing inside, my favourite toys are my cars and Duplo Lego. I like to build really high towers and then enjoy knocking them down. I watch the TV now and again but prefer the shows that I can sing along too. I really like music, especially the song ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thick which I dance around too.

"I am an active child who loves to run and climb. I've not been walking very long so am a little unsteady on my feet, but that does not stop me. I like going to the park and playing with my friends. I am independent and like to feed myself. I am a very good eater - my favourite dinner is spaghetti and I like yoghurt for my desert.

"I'm not a big lover of fruit but my foster carer will blend it in my milk, yummy! I eat all vegetables but my favourites are peas and carrots."

What others say

Jaden's foster carer describes him as a lovely child who is always pleasant and has an infectious laugh. Jaden is in a good routine and goes to bed between 6.30 and 7pm.

He likes a bedtime story and will sometimes watch a short DVD. He generally sleeps through until 7am, but occasionally will wake for a drink during the night.

Jaden has been diagnosed with foetal alcohol syndrome and has some mild developmental delay. His social worker is available to discuss this should you require any further information. Jaden is ready to join his new family and will bring joy to whoever adopts him.

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Jamie’s story

Jamie’s story

James is a beautiful, sensitive and loving child. He is sociable and friendly. He is quiet natured and sensitive.

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