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Jasmine, Toby and Chloe's story

Jasmine, Toby and Chloe are three siblings who have a very strong bond and have always been together. Although Jasmine is in a separate placement to her brother and sister all three children see each other regularly and Jasmine and Toby see each other at school every day.

They really need a family who can keep them together so that they do not have to separated. Jasmine’s wish is to grow up with her brother and sister and have the same new ‘mummy and daddy’. Jasmine really enjoys being the oldest child and she like so help look after her brother and sister.


Jasmine who is five loves flowers and anything with flowers on. She also loves shoes and would love to have lots and lots. Jasmine is a well-balanced little girl who is doing well at school but does need some emotional reassurance from her carers. Her carers say she is a delightful child to look after and is very responsive to affection.

Toby is boisterous little boy of four who love to play, especially in the garden with his sandpit and likes to make sandcastles. He has a bike which he just beginning to learn to ride and says he wants to become a stunt rider.


Toby’s carers say he gets on really well with sisters and really looks forward to seeing Jasmine both at school and at weekends. He is so excited sometimes he cannot sleep.
Chloe is a quiet little girl who is meeting all of her milestones for a young child of two years.


Chloe can be very shy at first with new people but once she gets to know them she will chat about her favourite TV character Peppa Pig and get her dolls out to play. Chloe loves to tell people about her sister who does not live with them and her eyes light up when she talks about Jasmine. Her carers say she is beginning to learn nursery rhymes and other types of games and has just begun nursery which she really enjoys.

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