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Jemma and Danny’s story


"Hi, my name is Jemma and I am a very loving and affectionate little girl. I love adult attention and thrive on it. My foster carer says I am 'a girlie girl' because I love everything pink, like dressing up and looking after people."

"I love music and dancing. I attend a dance class once a week. When the music is on at home I like to dance around the living room and show off my moves; this makes my foster carer smile. When I'm playing I like to dress up in my princess dresses and shoes.

"I also like to push my doll around in the pram. I appreciate the gifts and toys that are bought for me, and look after all my things.

"I started reception this year, and have settled really well. I am a bright child who loves to read and do my homework. I have lots of friends in school, and love my new class, teacher and friends.

"I eat lots of healthy food and my foster carer says I'm a good eater. I like most fruit and vegetables, including carrots, sprouts and peas; my favourite meal is a roast dinner. I like to go to bed at 7.30pm and usual get up at around 7am."


"Hi, my name is Danny and I am a happy little boy who is active, and full of fun. My foster carer says, 'I am a lovable little boy'. I'm also very affectionate with my sister, and foster carers. When in indoors, I like to play with my baby Jake toys. I don't watch a lot of TV but when baby Jake is on I get excited, and will sit and watch it. I love to sing and dance. My favourite song is 'twinkle twinkle little star'."

"I love the outdoors, going the park, and playing with my football. You can see me in my pictures having fun in the county park.

"I like a good range of food, and some of my favourite meals are curry and rice, roast dinners, and pasta. I also think fruit and vegetables are very tasty, especially cucumber.

"I like my sleep, but as I'm a big boy now don't have day naps any more. I go to bed after my milk at 7pm, and sleep all through the night until 7.30am."

Jemma and Danny are both ready to join their new family, and will bring a wealth of happiness to whoever adopts them.

What others say

Jemma and Danny are a joy to care for. They are both wonderful children, and are very sociable. They have a close and loving relationship, and want to remain together.

Both children are healthy, and have no additional needs. Danny attends nursery two days a week and Jemma attends reception full time. Both children are popular with their peers, and are achieving well.

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