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Joshua and Amy’s story

"Our names are Joshua and Amy. We are brother and sister and love being together. We have always lived together since we lived at home and with our foster carers. We want to find a family that can look after us together."

Joshua loves to play and looks up to his big sister Amy and follows her around the house. Joshua loves to play with his toys and really likes his toy fire engine. He likes to be outdoors as much as possible and loves to run around.

Amy is quieter than Joshua, she loves to play dress up in girlie clothes, particularly as a princess and loves to watch Disney Films. Amy loves having her bed time story and loves to receive a kiss goodnight from her foster carer.

Sometimes Amy can wake in the night as she had some early experiences that have left her a little anxious, but she is making really good progress and with the right family it is felt she will move on leaps and bounds.

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Jasmine, Toby and Chloe's story

Jasmine, Toby and Chloe's story

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