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Mary’s story

Mary is a black British child of African origin. Mary is described by her Foster Carer as a 'lovely, lively little girl full of character'.

She is a sociable child, and will interact with others happily. However, she is also happy to play independently.

Mary likes to watch 'Doc Mcstuffins' on the television. Mary is very artistic and likes to learn arts and crafts from the show 'Mr Maker'. Mary will giggle and find any Looney Tunes cartoons funny. She is very musical, and loves nursery rhymes.

Mary will often burst out into song and show some dance moves if she hears a favourite song. She is in full time school, and receives extra help to support her needs. Mary enjoys going to school, and has settled in well.

Mary can at times struggle to manage her emotions, but since being with her carer has made significant progress.

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Lelly’s story

Lelly’s story

Lelly is a happy and placid little girl. Her foster carer describes her as 'good as gold'.

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