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Advice for adopted adults

Accessing your adoption records

We provide a service for adopted adults who live in Liverpool to assist them in accessing their adoption records.

You should contact the General Register Office (GRO) in the first instance, requesting your birth records.

The GRO will send all relevant information to the local authority in which you live.

However, if you prefer, you can have this sent to the agency which arranged your adoption.

If you already know your original birth name, when and where you were born, the court where your adoption took place and the name of your birth mother, you can contact us. What will happen? We will ask After Adoption Services to find your files and offer you counselling if appropriate. 

Tracing and intermediary services for adopted adults

After you have seen your adoption records you may wish to try and trace birth family members.  

After Adoption Services will do this on your behalf.

If you do not wish to have contact with your birth relatives, you can register a veto or partial veto with the agency which arranged the adoption.

You can also express a wish for no contact on the adoption contact register.

If you were adopted in Liverpool but no longer live in Liverpool, you should seek advice from the local authority in the area where you live about their tracing and intermediary services.

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